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What is The Best Way to Take CBD?

learn about the best way to take CBD

With so many cannabis products on the market today, you may be wondering what the best way to take CBD is.

This is one of the most common questions we get asked, and it’s an important question.

The right answer will be different for different people, depending on their preferences, lifestyle, and health needs.

Here’s some information to help you decide on the best product for you.

CBD Effects and Dosage

Many people who use CBD products find relief from a range of health problems, including chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Here are some tips for first-time users or those who want to explore new products.

  1. CBD and THC are the active ingredients in cannabis plants. Some products contain both, while some have only THC, and others only CBD.
    The products which contain both will show a ratio on the label (eg: 0:1, 1:1). This is the ratio of THC to CBD, where the first number represents the amount of THC.
  2. Because CBD does not have known side effects or psychoactive effects (but THC does), newcomers might want to start with a product made with just CBD.
  3. Always begin with a small dose and increase the amount slowly until you start to feel results.
  4. The effectiveness of a product will depend on a number of personal factors, such as age and weight.

Learn more about how cannabis works in the body.

Things to Consider

Deciding on the best way to take CBD will depend on your own preferences.

You may also want to try a few different things to get a better idea of taste and effects.

Here are some considerations you might want to use to make a decision.

Shelf Life

It’s important that you store all products in a cool, dark place and away from heat. Those which contain carrier oils should be refrigerated, as the oil can go bad.

All of our products have a maximum shelf life of about two years.


If you find you’d like to take CBD a few times a day throughout the day, and you are often out of the house, we recommend capsules, since they are easy to carry and take — there’s no measuring or fumbling around with any preparation.


Some people love the taste of cannabis products, others don’t.

Oils can be a wonderful addition to recipes, but on the other hand, if you want to skip the taste altogether, capsules will work just fine.


Some oils have a higher potency than others, which means that they will last longer if you are taking a specific dose daily.

Check the container for information about the potency and ratio, and if you’re uncertain start with a product with a lower concentration of active ingredients.

Carrier Oils

All of our oral products come in approved food-grade carrier oils like coconut oil or grapeseed oil. You may have a preference for one oil or the other.

Formats of CBD Products

The best way to take CBD really depends on what you are using it for.

CBD is in a variety of oral formats which are discussed below. There are also topical formats for external use, which are good for muscle aches and pains.


Capsules are useful if you want to ensure your dose is exact every time. You can find them in various doses starting at 10mg.

Capsules are a very portable option, but may not be the best if you have swallowing problems, or if your stomach is sensitive to the coating of the capsules.

They also take a little bit longer to take effect than tinctures or tears.


Tinctures come with droppers and are typically used sublingually. You’ll find them in varying concentrations.

It’s important to measure your tinctures so that you know how much you are using.

When used sublingually, tinctures are the fastest-acting format.


Some CBD users find that tears are the best way to take CBD.

Tears are more concentrated than tinctures and come with a calibrated syringe instead of a dropper.

Though it’s easy to get a very accurate measurement with the syringe, it can be awkward for some people to use if they have trouble with their hands.

For tears or tinctures, we recommend using a spoon, then swallowing directly or leaving it to sit under the tongue for a few minutes for optimal absorption.

Ask Us Anything!

We hope this information helps you better understand the range of products Lune Wellness offers.

We’re excited about the possibilities that we can offer, and would be happy to answer your questions anytime.

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