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Can CBD Treat My Ailment?

Can CBD treat my ailment?

We recently received a question from a customer who asked about CBD for her father. Her question was: is it good for high cholesterol?

Our answer was that we didn’t think so; or at least had never heard that it is. So, the next thing was to look online. Sure enough, a number of articles came up. They all suggested that CBD can reduce LDL cholesterol, i.e., (“bad” cholesterol, as opposed to HDL or “good” cholesterol).

For example, this article asked “Is CBD a better alternative (than statins) for lowering cholesterol? The author’s concluding thought is:

Although research into this issue is very much in its infancy, it is possible that CBD could ultimately assist with the symptoms of several cardiovascular conditions. Its effect on our endocannabinoid system (ECS) cannot be underestimated, and once researchers have greater license to explore the effects of CBD on the human body, they could make some very exciting discoveries.

CBD Can Treat a Wide Range of Conditions

The feedback we get at Lune Wellness indicates medicinal cannabis is particularly effective for anxiety, insomnia, and pain related to inflammation, especially as it relates to connective tissue disorders. These latter disorders include arthritis and fibromyalgia.

However, as a result of the customer’s inquiry, and upon looking beyond the obvious, the range of conditions that can benefit from CBD seems much wider and diverse. I had assumed I was familiar with all of the conditions that might respond, but such is not the case. 

Do Some Research

If you think CBD might be helpful in treating a condition, do some research. There’s lots of information available online. Be cautious though. As noted in the quote above, there’s been little research. And what research has been done, isn’t necessarily conclusive. Hopefully, with legalization in Canada, more extensive study will be forthcoming.

Be Skeptical About Claims

Stick to reputable sources of information. Also be skeptical about claims. Particularly if the author of an article sells medicinal cannabis. The aim of a lot of people that tout the benefits of medicinal cannabis is mostly to make money.

Having said that, the more we read, the more confident we feel that CBD will prove out what people say about it: that it is a natural way to treat a number of ailments, without the side effects that come with a lot of pharmaceutical products.

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Wishing you good health.

The Staff at Lune Wellness