About Us

Lune Wellness (formerly Budtanicals) is owned and operated by a retired registered nurse with over 40 years of professional experience including 20 years in gerontology and seniors’ care. Her concern for health and pain management, coupled with her knowledge of the healing benefits of cannabis, led to the creation of Lune Wellness.

Lune Wellness makes each of its oral and topical medicinal cannabis products with great care, ensuring that clients receive the highest in quality.

Lune Wellness makes products that help Canadians effectively manage their health and enhance their quality of life.

Lune Wellness is one of the few Canadian companies dedicated exclusively to the manufacture and sale of medicinal cannabis products. Although not opposed to cannabis for recreational use, our focus is on providing high-quality cannabis to manage pain and to help treat symptoms related to a wide range of medical conditions.

Lune products are made with great care from the highest quality raw materials purchased from trusted sources. Each batch of CBD and THC is tested for purity and potency by an independent, Health Canada- approved laboratory. Whether it is a capsule or a tincture, or any of our other products, you are assured that it is accurately formulated, and that you are getting exactly what is listed on the label.  

By complementing our products with exemplary customer service, we aim to develop a trusting relationship and impart peace of mind for individuals looking to medicinal cannabis to enhance their quality of life.


Luna was a moon goddess in ancient Roman mythology. She was a goddess of healing, often depicted as a hunter.

We have chosen “Lune”, a variation of the word “luna”, to represent our medicinal cannabis products. Like the ancient Romans, humankind through the ages has continued to be drawn to the moon as a symbol of tranquillity and renewal.