Lune Pain Balms are cannabis-infused salves specially handcrafted in pure Okanagan beeswax. Applied topically, Pain Balms can offer local relief for aching muscles and soreness related to inflammation on or near the skin’s surface. Each of our balms comes in an easy-to use twist up container. 

Formulated with CBD, THC, or as a blend, Lune Pain Balms are an easy and convenient way to treat body aches and pains. As with all of our topical products, the Lune Pain Balm is non-intoxicating (it won’t get you high).

Massage gently but thoroughly into the affected area for optimal benefit.

Lune Pain Balms should be stored in a cool location and kept out of reach of children and pets. Click on any product for more information.

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Showing all 3 results