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Our Large Pet Tincture contains 1000 mg of high-quality CBD in 50 ml of salmon oil. Each 1 ml delivers 20 mg of CBD, which can help relieve pain, anxiety, and seizures in domestic animals. 

Lune Pet CBD products contain only high-quality CBD in Pacific Wild Salmon Oil, which is created with sustainably-harvested fish and filtered for purity. Our Pet Tinctures contain naturally-balanced Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and vitamin E for added nutritional benefit. 

Added to wet or dry food, Lune Pet Tinctures provide effective natural pain relief for pets.The Large Pet Tincture is suitable for all domestic animals and is recommended for large pets. This product DOES NOT contain THC.

The Large Pet Tincture is 2 times the strength of the Small Pet Formula.

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Weight 109.77 g

Wild Pacific Salmon Oil, hemp-derived CBD isolate

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CBD Oil for Jay (German Shorthaired Pointer)

It is truly unbelievable how much of a difference the CBD oil did for Jay. From not wanting to leave her pillow even for food to wanting to go for walks. Her arthritis just disappeared. It gave her life back. Thank you, Marina