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THC Pain Oil

This worked amazing for my wife during her Chemo therapy

1:1 CBC/THC Pain Balm

I bought this when you were still Budtanicals. I want you to know that it worked great when my meniscus was torn, and I believe it helped to heal it as well. Healing a torn ligament naturally with physio, exercise, acupuncture tens and the Pain Balm worked! I was pain free for a long time. I've out have reinjured, have ran out and now ordering some more. Thanks!!!

Good stuff

They’ve helped a lot with anxiety I am
Feeling more focused and less stressed

Effective relief

Useful for pain relief and for providing a more restful sleep.

Helping my son

Helps my son keep his mood stable.

Great for sleep and pain

I like that the capsules guarantee you the correct dose every time. The quality of the product is always superlative, and they package the capsules in a very secure child safe bottle.

Very Effective

These capsules are potent and work every time. The size is reasonable to swallow and they are very discreet.


I really like this blend before bed. It doesn't make me sleepy, but i find it relaxes me enough to be able to fall asleep naturally. There is no "hangover" in the morning like other drugs gave me either. Great product, great service. Wish they would bring back their mid week sale though. I will stay on it for the rest of my life!

Life saving

I have lupus and before i started on cbd i was on strong narcotics for the debilitating pain. I couldn't even walk a block and for sure was heading towards being in a wheelchair the rest of my life. After being on the cbd for about 3 months I was able to walk anywhere and everywhere. I am virtually pain free. After being on cbd for over a year my rheumatologist now says i am in remission. CBD saved my life.

Pain balm

Have used for awhile now and got me thru knee surgery etc...now I have several friends using too!

Great for pets

We have used for several years now on our dog with amazing results! Our dog was severely injured getting hit by a car and went into kidney failure due to prescribed pharmaceuticals which we stopped immediately. Using Tears CBD had amazing results for her pain and we continue to use it for her arthritis. She is now 10 years old and still has that puppy energy. Highly recommended.

Extra strength CBD 2000 mg

I've been using this product now for about 1.5 yrs now. Greatly reduced joint and back pain. I also believe it helped me when I went thru chemo and radiation last year.
Also..... Customer service is great! They go above and beyond to make sure you're happy.

The pin oil is great, cuts the pain in my lumbar area.

CBD Essence good for sleep

I have advanced arthritis, and have been waiting for a hip replacement. My pain is severe, and while the CBD Oil doesn’t do a whole lot for pain relief in the daytime when I’m active, I believe it is really beneficial in helping me to sleep at night. Also appreciate the prompt service I get from this company.

No issues what so ever. Easy to order, delivery prompt

Good stuff

Good medicine. Great for sleep and mornings. If there ever comes a day when you guys give the extra strength an extra dose let me know. Good stuff.

Pain Balm

Works better than expected. Within minutes of applying to my very tight and stiff neck It feels better

Good stuff

The pain oil helped. Wish it came in bigger amounts and stronger potency. Other than that it's a good product.

CBD Oil for Jay (German Shorthaired Pointer)

It is truly unbelievable how much of a difference the CBD oil did for Jay. From not wanting to leave her pillow even for food to wanting to go for walks. Her arthritis just disappeared. It gave her life back. Thank you, Marina

Works Well

I was having trouble sleeping again so started back on this 1:1 Tincture! The help was immediate! Right from the first night I went from 4 or 5 hours sleep to a full, restful 8 or 9 hours of sleep. Now instead of going to the bathroom 2 or 3 times during the night, I sleep right through!

Topical pain relief

I absolutely love the lune topical treatment cbd/thc.I have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis and it works for nerve and joint pain.I have recommended this to lots of people because it is so versatile. My daughter used it for her cramps and couldn't believe that the pain was gone.I buy it regularly because it is part of my pain management.The fact that it is a deodorant style applicator and it comes scented and I think unscented is amazing,I like the cinnamon/orange scent not very strong but lovely.

Pain balm

Product works great. Use it on my hands, knuckles are swollen, shortly after use swelling goes down and pain greatly reduced.

Pain Balm

I have arthritis and within a minute of applying the pain balm the pain and stiffness is reduced to a level that I can move and function. I would HIGHLY recommend this product!

THC/CBD Balance 1:1 Capsules

I absolutely love this product 💚